Thomas Radke



Thorn IOHDF5Util provides functionality to implement HDF5 I/O in Cactus.

1 Purpose

Thorn IOHDF5Util provides common routines which can be used to implement Cactus I/O methods for input/output of Cactus variables in the HDF5 standard (Hierarchical Data Format Version 5).

Currently, IOHDF5Util is inherited by the IOHDF5 and IOStreamHDF5 I/O thorns which share its routines to implement their own I/O methods doing parallel HDF5 file I/O and online HDF5 data streaming.

2 Building A Cactus Configuration with IOHDF5Util

The Cactus distribution does not contain the HDF5 header files and library which is used by thorn IOHDF5Util. So you need to configure it as an external software package via: