Thomas Radke

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Thorn SampleIO serves as an example for creating your own I/O thorns. Its code is clearly structured and well documented, and implements a very simple and light-weight but fully functioning Cactus I/O method.
Together with the documentation about I/O methods in the Cactus Users’ Guide and the chapter about thorn IOUtil in the Cactus Thorn Guide you should be able to use this code and modify/extend it according to your needs.

1 Purpose

Thorn SampleIO registers the I/O method SampleIO with the Cactus flesh I/O interface. This method prints the data values of three-dimensional, distributed Cactus grid functions/arrays at a chosen location to screen.

The implemented I/O method makes use of the Cactus Hyperslabbing API to obtain the data values to print.

2 SampleIO Parameters

Parameters to control the SampleIO I/O method are: