• Einstein Toolkit Overview: Seminar presentation.

    Erik Schnetter. Einstein Toolkit. Seminar given at the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation at RIT, August 2010. (PDF, 21 pages)

  • Hydro interface: Published conference paper (for CactusEinstein).

    Erik Schnetter. Multi-physics coupling of Einstein and hydrodynamics evolution: A case study of the Einstein Toolkit. CBHPC 2008 (Component-Based High Performance Computing), 2008. (PDF, 9 pages)

  • Component Retrieval Language: Paper accepted to TeraGrid'10.

    Eric L. Seidel, Gabrielle Allen, Steven Brandt, Frank Löffler, and Erik Schnetter. Simplifying Complex Software Assembly: The Component Retrieval Language and Implementation. TeraGrid'10, 2010. (PDF, 8 pages)