Michael Koppitz <koppitz@aei.mpg.de>



PunctureTracker tracks black hole Punctures (singularities) by subtracting the value of the shift at the current location (the pucnture is advected with the shift) storing the location in a “SphericalSurface” one can use this information in Regrid2 to let the grid follow the BHs.

1 Parameters

PunctureTracker has the followoing options: -pt_track_punctures (boolean, that triggers action)
-pt_verbose (integer that give the verbosity level)
-pt_num_tracked (integer that tells how many Punctures are to be tracked)
-pt_initial_x (double: Initial x coordinate positions of BHs)
-pt_initial_y (double: Initial y coordinate positions of BHs)
-pt_initial_z (double: Initial z coordinate positions of BHs)
-pt_which_surface_to_take (integer: which Spherical Surface should be used to store the new puncture location)