Einstein Toolkit News

This page lists recent developments concerning the Einstein Toolkit, including new scientific publications which make use of the toolkit, schools and workshops, new features in the development version, and releases of the toolkit. You can also see all papers which cite the Einstein Toolkit paper.


2017-10-05 Paper Prompt Electromagnetic Transients from Binary Black Hole Mergers
2017-10-12 Workshop ET workshop in Mallorca
2017-09-18 Paper On the stability and maximum mass of differentially rotating relativistic stars
2017-07-17 Release Margherita Hack
2017-02-09 Feature Multipatch can now be used with radiative outer boundary conditions (development version)
2017-01-01 Paper Python open Soure Waveform Extractor (POWER): An open source, Python package to monitor and post-process numerical relativity simulations
2017-01-01PaperA strongly hyperbolic first-order CCZ4 formulation of the Einstein equations and its solution with discontinuous Galerkin schemes
2017-01-01PaperSpectral analysis of gravitational waves from binary neutron star merger remnants
2017-01-01PaperOn the use of tracer particles in simulations of binary neutron stars
2017-01-01PaperNonspinning binary black hole merger scenario revisited
2017-01-01PaperThree-dimensional GRMHD simulations of the remnant accretion disks from neutron star mergers: outflows and r-process nucleosynthesis
2017-01-01PaperGravitational Waves from Binary Black Hole Mergers Inside of Stars
2017-01-01PaperThe RIT binary black hole simulations catalog
2017-01-01PaperGravitational collapse to a Kerr–Newman black hole
2017-01-01PaperPost-Newtonian Quasicircular Initial Orbits for Numerical Relativity
2017-01-01PaperGeneral relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of binary neutron star mergers forming a long-lived neutron star


20-Nov-2016New componentLlama multipatch code added to development version
16-Jun-2016WorkshopET school and workshop in Trento


12-Nov-2015 New ET release
11-Aug-2015 ET workshop in Stockholm
18-May-2015 New ET release


19-Nov-2014 New ET release
21-May-2014 New ET release


26-Nov-2013 New ET release
27-Jul-2013 Summer developers' workshop
22-May-2013 New ET release


21-Apr-2011 New ET release


8-Jun-2010 First ET release