Gallery: Binary, inspiraling neutron stars forming a hypermassive neutron star

This simulation shows how to evolve a pair of neutron stars, reading in initial data provided by the LORENE code. The video shows the rest mass density in an equatorial slice of the simulation. The emitted gravitational waves of the inspiral and due to the oscillations in the formed hypermassive neutron star are shown as well.

Parameter file NsNsToHMNS.par
Thornlist (Thorn NSTracker added to ET_2018_02 release)
Initial data file G2_I12vs12_D4R33T21_45km.resu.xz (uncompress using unxz)
Support scripts scripts.tar.gz
approx. memory 8.8 GB
approx. runtime 12*48 SU

Psi_4^{2,2} at r=300M over time

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